Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Support field science.

Katie Moriarty, the Pine Marten researcher who discovered the California wolverine, needs some gear for next winter's field season. Anyone have backcountry ski stuff lying around waiting for a good reason to get rid of it?

Hi all,

Some of the supplies I had planned on having for the next 3 years just feel through. Of course, most of these supplies were not included in my budget for field work/PhD. Crew members and I will be assessing fine scale marten movement in relation to habitat (particularly fuel treatments). We're going to be doing a lot of snowtracking over the next few winters.

Due to a tight budget, I thought I'd check to see if any of you had gear that you didn't want anymore (and were willing to sell for a good cause). If you have any of the things below, just sitting around and ready for serious abuse - let me know. I'll work Craigslist soon, but wanted to check in before I spent more computer time.

- thermometers
- avalanche probes (5)
- huge packs (3) 6000-7000cu"
- ski packs (4), 35-45L slender things that can handle weather/lots of random marten gear and long cross country treks.
- ski poles
- back country shovels
- compasses with declination (4)
- folding treesaws (3)
- some tarps

You know, the usual snow list plus some extras.

Hope all is well. No martens appearing in Lake Tahoe.


Friday, July 10, 2009

New bird species in basin.


We now have a new bird species for the sagehen basin, photos below. He arrived here Monday and has been active in the evenings near the multi road intersection coming into sagehen just off of 89. We are looking for someone to adopt him! He is very aggressive; but, seems used to humans.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

New addition to the Sagehen teaching collection.

The Forest Service is moving to new digs, & there's no room for the mounted bear. So they kindly donated it to Sagehen's teaching collection.

We couldn't resist having a little fun with it while Mark & Barb Stromberg visited from Hastings Reserve.