Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sagehen Researcher photographs rare animal in the Tahoe National Forest.

Dear Agency Friends and Research Colleagues,

It is with a mixture of joy, and some trepidation, that I share the attached photograph and solicit your help in managing the circumstances it may precipitate.

The previous evidence of this species in California, by method other than sightings, dates back to the 1930s. The photograph was taken on the Tahoe National Forest during a marten research project managed by a graduate student named Katie Moriarty. It has been reviewed by Jeff Copeland, of the Rocky Mountain Research Station (a wolverine expert) who said that he "can't convert it into anything else" and that "it looks like the real deal".

It was photographed at one of a large arrays of cameras that are continuing to operate in the vicinity thru the end of March, at least. New effort will be dedicated to the collection of genetic information, to try to confirm the population of origin, and to expanding camera surveys.

Your thoughts and suggestions for next steps are welcome.

Bill Zielinsky

More info & updates about the sighting.

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture Katie.

-Adam Koons